Month: August 2015

6 Other Cryptocurrencies You Should Know About

Bitcoin is currently the gold standard in the world of peer-to-peer virtual currencies, but do you know that it is not the only cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrencies are a decentralized system where currency is not issued, but mined with powerful computers by solving blocks of math equations called “hashes”. These peer-to-peer virtual currencies have a central security that makes use of cryptography.… Read more →

what jobs are there related to bitcoin

Getting the best jobs in the niche of bitcoin (cryptocurrency) written by: dreamwriter Getting a job in the modern times is not easier. This because many companies are retrenching workers due to harsh economic times and development of robotics which can do a single job those more than 10 workers can fail to accomplish. It calls for commitment and persistence… Read more →

Skills needed to work in bitcoin industry

The Bitcoin industry is gaining a lot of popularity as many people start to embrace its perfect well developed business opportunities in the fast pacing world. There are a lot of great chances in developing your abilities and still making more money so that you can finally manage to develop yourself and live luxuriously in a world where people are… Read more →