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What is the Block chain?

A block chain is defined as a transaction database which is shared by all the nodes that participate in a system that is based on the protocol known as Bitcoin. A complete copy of block chains contains every kind of transaction executed in the latter currency. This information, explains how much value belongs to every address at each point in… Read more →

What Jobs Are There Related To BitCoin

Getting the best jobs in the niche of bitcoin (cryptocurrency) written by: dreamwriter Getting a job in the modern times is not easier. This because many companies are retrenching workers due to harsh economic times and development of robotics which can do a single job those more than 10 workers can fail to accomplish. It calls for commitment and persistence… Read more →

6 Other Cryptocurrencies You Should Know About

Bitcoin is currently the gold standard in the world of peer-to-peer virtual currencies, but do you know that it is not the only cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrencies are a decentralized system where currency is not issued, but mined with powerful computers by solving blocks of math equations called “hashes”. These peer-to-peer virtual currencies have a central security that makes use of cryptography.… Read more →